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BONNEFON INDUSTRIES, a player dedicated to the distribution of services and technical solutions for welding.

BONNEFON INDUSTRIES specialises in the distribution of robotic, automatic and manual welding solutions to the automotive industry, robotics integrators, specialised distributors and major industrial companies in France.

It has represented DINSE and j.thielmann brand products throughout France.

Thanks to the expertise and advice of its specialists, BONNEFON INDUSTRIES offers complete and adapted solutions for MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma and Laser welding.


The BONNEFON INDUSTRIES offer in robotics and automation:

  • Complete ready-to-weld assemblies with MIG/MAG or TIG welding source, welding torch, wire feeder, anti-collision and welding torch cleaner.
  • Welding torches and specific supports for standard and hollow-shaft robots.
  • Retrofit of existing systems with state-of-the-art assemblies that can retain the TCP and the robot paths.
  • Wire feeding accessories and autonomous wire feeding systems for robotic cells to improve the quality of the wire feeding.
  • Alignment jigs for torches and for assemblies of torch + support + collision protection.

The BONNEFON INDUSTRIES offer in perirobotics:

Primary wire feeding assistance for drums and long distance welding


  • Standard and motorised torch supports,
  • Collision protection systems,
  • Robot flanges for all types of robots,
  • DIX power male and female connectors,
  • Cable assembly protections and torch necks,
  • Alignment jigs.

DINSE consumables

  • Extensive choice of gas nozzles and contact tubes.
  • Extensive range of wire guides and synthetic guides to meet different production needs.

Power connectors

Welding fume extraction:

  • ROPAS system: extraction nozzle positioned away from the arc point, allowing easy access to the parts to be welded while limiting exposure to welding fumes.

BONNEFON INDUSTRIES offer in manual welding:

  • Ergonomic manual welding torches of high quality and reliability.