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Engineering and services for welding and cutting torches

TORCHES SOLUTIONS, a major player in the world of engineering and services for welding and cutting torches.

TORCHES SOLUTIONS is specialise in the manufacture and repair of standard and custom welding and cutting torches for all processes (MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma, Submerged Arc, Flame, etc.), with compatible spare parts and consumables.

TORCHES SOLUTIONS offers you a complete range of MIG and TIG torches with torch bodies, torch assemblies of any length and customizable.

With over 30 years’ expertise in engineering and services for welding and cutting torches, TORCHES SOLUTIONS offers custom-made products to meet its customers’ most technical requirements.

With TORCHES SOLUTIONS you could benefit from:

  • A complete range of TIG and MIG torches and consumables: TSMIG & TSTIG,
  • A wide range of torches for robotic welding,
  • A wide range of plasma cutting equipment and parts,
  • Spare parts and consumables for all welding processes.

TORCHES SOLUTIONS also offers associated services:

  • Assistance technique & Rétrofit,
  • Standard and tailor-made manufacture,
  • Equipment maintenance and repair (all brands).