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Our sustainable commitments


Since it was founded, the GROUPE BONNEFON embodies strong human values and a commitment to continuous improvement. The challenges we faced through the years have changed our vision and ou way of working Over the coming years, our Group is committed to implementing a sustainable CSR approach based on these 3 fundamentals:

• Environmental

• Economic

• Societal

Our CSR strategy must cover all social, environmental, economic and ethical issues in its activities and interactions with its stakeholders. The scope of our CSR strategy applies to all the brands of the Group.


If we have chosen to make corporate social responsibility a priority and a strategic focus of our development, it is because we are aware of the importance of reducing the impact of our activity on our society.


We have deployed our brand identity to establish a CSR strategy in line with the Group’s DNA and development objectives.

Here is the full CSR action plan that we are developing throughout the Group:

Our Group’s concerns reflect in the implementation of sustainable commitments and impactful actions. These 8 major strategic areas defined for the implementation of our CSR aim to move towards a more sustainable future that respects the society around us.


Watch our video to learn more about our sustainable commitment!