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Design and manufacture of industrial extraction solutions

ENGMAR, specialist in the design and manufacture of welding fume extraction solutions

Since 1993, ENGMAR has been designing and manufacturing welding fume extraction and pollutant treatment solutions to protect welders and operators from the many cardio-respiratory diseases that can be caused by welding fume particles reaching the pulmonary alveoli.

Thanks to its internal design office, the company continues to develop tailor-made extraction systems, adapted to customers’ needs, for manual, automated and robotised welding workstations of all types, with high and low vacuum solutions.

ENGMAR propose également des solutions ergonomiques permettant d’accompagner le soudeur dans ses mouvements et ainsi de limiter le poids des équipements et donc l’apparition de TMS (troubles musculosquelettiques). Ergonomic solutions are also designed and proposed to customers with the aim of declutter their workstation and reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

ENGMAR’s expertise in the design of welding fume extraction solutions and its knowledge of legislation led the company to become a market leader in France and a driving force in other European countries such as Germany.

ENGMAR offer

Extraction and treatment of welding fumes

HIGH DEPRESSION (collection as close as possible to the emission source):

  • Welding extraction torches,
  • Extraction slit nozzles,
  • Extraction units,
  • Hight vacuum central extraction units.

LOW VACUUM (capture at the workstation or installed on robotic solutions):

  • Extraction slit nozzles,
  • Laminar box,
  • Welding extraction table,
  • Hoods and laminar slit nozzles for robotic areas.
  • Low vaccum central extraction units.


  • Swing arms,
  • Jib cranes.

To benefit advices of ENGMAR experts, or to request a customised study project, visit the ENGMAR website.