Jacques Bonnefon established the company in 1955. His aim was both simple and ambitious : to accompany and to advise welding professionals on the solution that best suits their needs.

Since 1993, Gérard and Daniel Bonnefon, the Group directors, have never turned their back on this family heritage but succeeded in preserving and reinforcing it. Daniel BONNEFON manages the company on his owns now after his brother's retirement. Gaining the trust of major brands, partners or customers, the Bonnefon group takes responsibility for its own development and completes its offer of solutions and services.

From manual welding to robotic welding, the joining techniques and the welding business in general, have evolved considerably.

Health, safety and environmental standards have contributed to fundamentally change the main issues of the welding sector.

All major welding players had to evolve as well. Only highly specialized companies were able to anticipate and to face these changes.

The Bonnefon group has chosen a strategy of hyper-specialization very early, which makes it a major player within the welding sector - locally but also throughout the French territory and internationally.

The Bonnefon group is continuously innovating in order to enhance its differences and its independence.

Because there is nothing but the human contact, to meet new industrial challenges together!

As you will have understood, the Bonnefon group wants to be a true technical partner.

Certainly expert but always close to you locally.

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Historically, the BONNEFON GROUP was made up of three companies : BONNEFON SAS, ENGMAR SAS and TORCHES SOLUTIONS SAS.

Based at Nantes and founded in 1955, BONNEFON SAS is specialized in welding and cutting solutions for industrial companies.

Its field of expertise relies on the following brands :

BONNEFON SOUDURE, historical local business in the West of France of services and equipment distribution for the welding market.

BONNEFON INDUSTRIES, national business of the exclusive importation, of DINSE and THIELMANN brands since 1993.

ENGMAR SAS, has been specialized in welding fume extraction and treatment since 1993. ENGMAR joined the Bonnefon group in 2005. Its headquarters are located in Nantes (44), while the production site is based at Saint Romain de Popey (69).


In November 2016, the BONNEFON GROUP acquired the company Torche Service, specialized in manufacturing and repairing of welding and cutting torches. The group took over all businesses of Torche Service and the company became TORCHES SOLUTIONS. The headquarters are based at Nantes (44) with the others headquarters of the Group’s companies. But the manufacturing and sales activities stay in Stiring Wendel (57).


The BONNEFON GROUP continues completing its offer and strengthens its associated services and its innovation capacity in manual, automatic and robot welding.

Furthermore, The BONNEFON GROUP reinforces its national setting up and gets equipped with new resources for its international development.



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Construction of the new BONNEFON building in Nantes



Bonnefon Soudure

The diversity and the quality of products and services of a company specialized in systems and supplies for welding and cutting.

BONNEFON SOUDURE is a family company which accompanies and advises welding professionals locally on the solution that best suits their needs.

BONNEFON SOUDURE proposes solutions for management, repairing and optimization of the customers’ welding machine park and therefore allows best work practices and a perfect protection of welders:

  • A large range of quality products
  • Experts for repairing and integration
  • Welding machines for rent
  • High quality Personal Protection Equipment



BONNEFON SOUDURE exhibited at SEPEM Angers, 10. - 12. October 2017



Bonnefon Industries

The brand of the BONNEFON GROUP dedicated to services and technical solutions for welding.

BONNEFON INDUSTRIES is the exclusive importer for both DINSE and J. THIELMANN brands in France.

Thanks to its partners, BONNEFON INDUSTRIES proposes complete solutions for MIG/ MAG, TIG, Plasma and Laser welding. It also proposes associated services as the maintenance, after-sales services, renting and integration.

With its technical expertise, BONNEFON INDUSTRIES advises its customers about the solution that best suits their needs concerning manual, robot and automatic welding.

DINSE is a German manufacturer widely recognized for the quality of its welding torches, wire feeders as well as manual and robotic welding machines. Its products are used in industrial yields, such as aircraft manufacturing, automotive industry, railway construction and shipbuilding industry.

Since 1979, J.THIELMANN has manufactured Torch-Cleaning-Stations for robotic MIG / MAG welding torches and hybrid welding. Renowned customers from the automotive industry, automotive suppliers, metal construction industry and automatic welding technology others are working with the products of J.THIELMANN every day.

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BONNEFON INDUSTRIES exhibited at Global Industrie in Lyon in 2019 


DINSE exhibited at Schweissen und Schneiden in Düsseldorf, Germany, 25. - 29. September 2017




Torches solutions

Torche Service becomes TORCHES SOLUTIONS, the new brand of the BONNEFON GROUP.

TORCHES SOLUTIONS leverages its 30 years of manufacturing and repairing expertise in standard and customer specific welding and cutting torches for all welding methods (MIG – TIG – PLASMA – submerged arc welding – flame - …) and for all brands, including spared parts and compatible consumables. Torches Solutions offers in particular a complete range of TIG welding torches (bodies of TIG torches, hose packages and hose package extensions with any length and any customizations) in order to meet the needs of the customers.

TORCHES SOLUTIONS thus becomes a major player in the engineering and services for welding and cutting torches. The company also proposes customer specific solutions on request.


TORCHES SOLUTIONS participated at the Global Industrie exhnibition in Lyon in 2019.




ENGMAR has expertise in welding fume extraction and treatment. The company is specialized in design and development of industrial extraction solutions in France and abroad.

ENGMAR has developed an end-to-end business offer that ensures compliance with source extraction of welding fumes.

ENGMAR works at the bleeding edge of source extraction techniques which is the most effective way of protecting operators. Not only do such techniques offer proven performance, they also involve technological choices that combine design simplicity with economical implementation.

With its integrated engineering office (engineering, R&D, project management) and production unit, Engmar ensures solutions made in France.

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ENGMAR exhibits at the trade fair Global Industrie Lyon in 2019 

ENGMAR exhibited at Schweissen und Schneiden in Düsseldorf, Germany, 25. - 29. September 2017