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Votre partenaire spécialisé soudage

Le GROUPE BONNEFON est une société familiale hyperspécialisée dans la fabrication et la distribution d’équipements dans le secteur du soudage depuis 1955.

Building lasting relationships based on trust

Thanks to the complementary nature of its various activities and companies, the GROUPE BONNEFON is a key player in the welding industry. Our teams put all their know-how at the service of our customers, for long-lasting relationships based on trust.

Our aim is then to provide a tailor-made solution for every welding professional in France and abroad.

L'expertise du GROUPE BONNEFON


From its historical dealer in welding equipment trade to becoming a manufacturer of torches and welding fume extraction solutions, the GROUPE BONNEFON company has grown by placing its know-how at the service of its customers.

The diversity of activities represented within the GROUPE BONNEFON enables it to position itself as the hyperspecialized expert partner of welding professionals.

Find out more about our professions:

Dealing trade of solutions and systems
for welding and cutting

Welding machines, torches, torches automatic cleaners, automatic welding tractors, welding and brazing filler metals (all types of processes), PPE, industrial supplies.

Distribution of technical solutions and services for welding

Robotic, automatic and perirobotic solutions, DINSE consumables, primary unwinding assistance, ROPAS system.

Manufacture of welding fume extraction solutions and ergonomic solutions

Extraction welding torches, extraction slit nozzles, central extraction unit (low and high vacuum), extraction units, extraction tables, extraction arms, swing arms, jib cranes.

Manufacture of welding and cutting torches for all processes

TIG/MIG torches and consumables, torches for robotic welding, spare parts and consumables for all processes.

Les sociétés


Today, GROUPE BONNEFON gathers several companies specialized in welding activities: BONNEFON SAS (seperated in 2 commercial brands: BONNEFON SOUDURE and BONNEFON INDUSTRIES); ENGMAR, and TORCHES SOLUTIONS. Also, in 2022, GROUPE BONNEFON joined forces with GROUPE EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES to o acquire CLS, now renamed CLS TECHNOLOGIES.

Nos partenaires institutionnels

Institut de soudure Groupe
FFQ - Fédération française de la quincaillerie et fourniture industrielle
CCI Pays de la Loire
Bpi France
ISO 9001
Team France Export
EWA - European welding association
IOC - International