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Equipment and solutions for welding and cutting

BONNEFON SOUDURE, a major player in the distribution of equipments for welding and cutting.

BONNEFON SOUDURE is the historic brand of the GROUPE BONNEFON. Since 1955, it has offered a complete range of products, services and solutions for welding/cutting and welding fume extraction. Its equipment and products are selected with rigour and expertise to ensure a high technical of parts produced and a perfect safety of operators

BONNEFON SOUDURE offers a wide range of products, allowing us to provide complete solutions to satisfy our customers’ production needs and issues.


Equipment for manual welding and cutting (all processes).

  • Welding machines, torches, spare parts and consumables…

Robotic, automatic and cobotic welding equipment

  • Global solutions for welding cobots
  • Automatic welding tractors
  • Hoses and lances, reels, reeling assistance
  • Automatic torch cleaner
  • MIG/MAG and TIG robot current sources
  • Perirobotic accessories
  • Positionner

Welding and brazing filler metals (all types of processes)

  • Rods, coil, barrel and coated electrodes.

Security and welding fume extraction solutions

  • Complete range of welding fume extraction products (high and low vacuum)
  • Personal protective equipment (welder hoods, safety glasses, welding gloves and jackets, safety shoes…) and collective protection (welding curtains and booths…).

Industrial Supply

  • Tools, accessories and power tools
  • Abrasive and pickling.